How a Small Town SEO Company Helped Put My Business on the Map

March 19, 2016

put my business on the mapI own multiple businesses, and while some of them do just fine with word of mouth business, others do not.  The ones that do do not require a creative marketing plan they just function and operate through word of mouth because they provide  good products to people in a small community, for example one of my restaurants.  However, other businesses DO require marketing plans to get the word out, and in this day and age the best course of action to do that is the internet!

It is no secret that people are more connected than ever.  Information for anything and everything is right at our fingertips, and within seconds we can find what we are looking for with a simple search online.  Knowing how to get your business and website in front of the people searching for the products and services you offer can catapult your business from zero to hero in a short amount of time.  This is known as digital marketing.

A friend of mine, who goes by Josh, shared a lot of this information with me, and expanded on it in great detail.  He explained how the search engines work and showed me examples of how businesses are capitalizing on these searches to attain new customers.  I immediately wanted a piece of that pie, and decided to have him create a custom game plan to begin enhancing one of my businesses presence on the web.

Josh and his team at Badger SEO began working on my project.  The things he was doing were things I had never heard of or even knew were important.  It started by establishing our brand, and branding our business name in as many places on the web as possible.  Sites like YouTube, YP, Manta, Yelp, AngiesList, Facebook, Twitter, and others were all out there and we had not claimed them as our own!  Seems so sensible, but it was something I hadn’t thought about.

After the branding phase, actually during, they began analyzing our current website, and started making subtle changes to the site title, some of our headlines, and the content.  What this was doing was helping Google understand what our pages were about so it would be easier for them to rank us for search related to our business.  He called this process on page SEO.  I can tell you that it worked well, because we started creeping into the search results for things we were nowhere to be found for before.

After that, they started performing what they called off site SEO, which means building links to the website and other social properties they created for me.  I can tell you this much, the results after that phase were astonishing, and my business was exploding.

Our website was raking in leads around the clock.  I had to hire on more people to handle the workload, which was a pleasant surprise!  I had no idea what could happen by getting our business established online, and it really opened my eyes as to the direction I wanted to go in the future with other businesses.

Badger SEO  provided me with awesome search engine marketing services, and I owe them dearly.  If you are looking to get your business a strong presence online, I highly recommend you check them out.  Their prices are affordable, and they are awesome to work with.

I will leave you with this short video that explains more about how digital marketing can help your business grow.  Enjoy!

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UPS Review – What Can Brown Do For You

March 19, 2016

UPSWe all know about UPS, the super charged delivery service that drives around in those big boxy brown trucks, right?  If not, I suspect you might have been living in a cave because they are everywhere!  Haha, in all seriousness though, I am gonna share a UPS review from a small business owner living in Wisconsin, named Tom.

Tom was one of the many small business owners we interviewed about their experience with UPS.  We did not just want this review to be one point of view so we chose to ask around, to see what other real business owners thought of this monster company.

Tom owns a small machine shop in Wisconsin, and relies heavily on UPS to deliver business items to and from his shop.  Everything from tools, office supplies, raw materials, and more, his business would be at a near stand still if he did not have a reliable shipping company in his corner.

Tom states that UPS delivers on his business needs and exceeds his expectations in both service and customer service.  Tom has had nothing but great experiences using UPS to handle his shipping needs, and states that all of the drivers he has had are very professional, friendly, and courteous.

Tom states that the driver has even went as far as to go out of his way to drop a delivery off at his nearby house when he has been out of the shop for a few hours.  This is customer service that goes above and beyond what you can ever expect, but they do it.

Overall, Tom says that UPS is a vital part of his business, and highly recommends UPS to anyone who has shipping needs.

Tom’s review was a breath of fresh air.  The thoughts he shares are very similar to our own, and we have had the same type of experience working with UPS through the years.

UPS is a great company.  No matter what size your business is, or even if you are just wanting to ship from home UPS will treat you right, and get your package to its destination on time.  Take a minute and watch the video below.

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March 19, 2016

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